Work in Progress Wednesday

Hello! You already know I’m not doing enough sewing right now thanks to my machine deciding to malfunction at the most inconvenient time ugh! Speaking of the machine, the repair man did check it out on Saturday and got the wheel working but wait for it…it is still not functioning! This time it’s something with the top and bottom sync. The needle won’t pick the bobbin thread and when it does, it struggles to sew less than an inch before the thread breaks. He will come back to sort that out hopefully…fingers crossed that it works well after that ?.

Anyway, I did say I was going to get some EPP done in the meantime so that’s all the progress I’ve made so far. The challenge is to make sure I only work from my stash of scraps for now and it’s been fun pulling out of that for the EPP pieces. I am currently experimenting with pieced Hexies and working through those designs I colored (see the tutorial for that source here)

Hexie 2


I didn’t find enough greens in my stash as indicated in the sketch but I believe this choice works perfectly well. I do like this color combination, perhaps a color palette for a future quilt? This EPP piece is likely to end up being too big for what I had in mind for it so it might be a good center piece for that future quilt or a table topper we’ll see.

I’m thinking I’ll make some applique t-shirts with the outcome of my other experiments. That reminds me, I made some of those T-shirts as gifts over the holidays and I’m yet to share with you (I will eventually) but here is at least one of them…made for myself ?

This blurry picture is the best I got back from a friend

I’ll be on a work training for the whole of next week so it might be a while before I have any more sewing progress to share but I’ll be finishing off current work in progress before then.

What are you experimenting with or plan to experiment with this year? Thanks for stopping by as always!

Sola 🙂

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