For a quick fix…Winnie and Friends to the rescue How’s your week been? This week has been a very wonderful one…thanks to you all for visiting and for your lovely comments. I believe it was a very successful blog hop, I can’t say how happy I am that I participated. There were so many great advice in the comment and I’ll work towards compiling them all, it just might help someone!

I’ve been a bit under the weather and it was such a push (I contemplated requesting for a change of date) to get my post ready for the blog hop. Consequently, I’ve been too fatigued to do a lot of sewing. At the same time, I was feeling the need to make something but not looking forward to cutting and piecing 😧.

Anyway, remember those Disney panels I got awhile back from I probably have about 12 of them left. I pulled one out for a very quick baby quilt. All I needed to do was baste, quilt and bind! The good part is that it’s small enough to baste on my sewing table as I wasn’t up for all the crawling on the floor…yikes!

I couldn’t decide which way to go with the quilting. In part I thought it might be nice to quilt out the patterns or straight line following that stripped border. In the end I settled for some geometric free motion quilting. This was inspired by the “happy ending for happy ending” post on one of the blogs I follow

Winnie the Pooh BackWinnie the Pooh Baby Quilt

I’m quite happy with how this turned out so yayyy for a quick fix! For the rest of this weekend, I’ll be working on making more blocks for a pattern I’m testing…wish me luck! 😀. Have a wonderful quilty weekend ahead and thanks again for making my week awesome!

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10 Replies to “For a quick fix…Winnie and Friends to the rescue”

  1. Love these baby projects that can go for boys or girls. There’s a shortage of cute boy stuff out there! Congrats on the finish in spite of not feeling well. I hope you’re on the mend, Sola!

  2. Sometimes a little quick easy simple quilting is what we need. This is adorable, how can you not smile with all the bright colors and Pooh, Piglet and Tigger?? Glad you are feeling much better. Your post for the hop was wonderful.

    1. Thank you Tish, I really needed this and the sense of accomplishment after completing it certainly helped 😀

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