This is really annoying!

Why oh why did it have to be today of all days! It was shaping out to be a great day you know. I got the day off work and after doing some cleaning chores, I figured I could try unpacking some of my sewing stuffs. I was planning to get started on a new project, anything at all to ease the restlessness caused by lack of activity! I emptied one bag of scraps into this laundry basket with the plan to sort them and probably work on a scrappy project.
Scrap Basket


It shouldn’t have been too bad but then I got my machine set up, cleaned, changed the needle and wound some bobbin thread in preparation. Guess what, when I returned my bobbin winder, threaded the machine and tried to press the needle down button it just made a click sound and stuck??. Like literally stuck, the wheel won’t manually move, the needle won’t move…nothing works unless I return to the bobbin winding position then it works well. As soon as I return and try again, it clicks and locks again. 

Sewing Machine

How disappointing is that! I truly would have loved getting some sewing done. Instead I spent the entire time poking around my machine and after trying all the DIY troubleshooting tips, I’m afraid I might have caused more damage (my bobbin stopper fell off and won’t stay back). My former repair guy did try to guide me on the phone but he finally ruled it as a mechanical error that requires an expert. Unfortunately it’ll take some asking around to find a service center or home service engineer around here. Which means I’m back to no sewing, well the options now are take up some English Paper Piecing projects or dig out my abandoned 2nd machine. 

For now I’m still reeling from the disappointment and hoping that the next time I pick up my Machine it’ll miraculously unlock. A girl can certainly hope! Have you experienced any such issues? Do you have any tip or advice on getting through this? 

Oh well, morale of the story…even perfect days can end in rain! I hope you have better luck with your sewing.

Sola 🙂

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13 thoughts on “This is really annoying!

  1. Sorry to hear what happened with your machine! That basket of scraps looked delicious though! The fabrics/colors looked familiar from your pieces you have shared photos on!

    • alicesamuelsquiltco

      Thanks Tierney. They are all from my recent finishes. Excess backing fabrics I believe so they are mostly long strips ?

  2. Celia Ambrose

    It is worth it to buy an older Singer sewing machine for times like this. They seldom need repairs, and are easy to do on your own. I have a Singer 15-91 that is wonderful, and a Singer 201 model. Both are great machines. Check out local estate, or garage sales, or craigslist, ask friends if they know anyone who might have one they would sell. No plastic gears, or computer issues, just so reliable and dependable. Sorry for your trouble. Most older Singers cost less than a new cheaper plastic model machine found at Walmart or Target. Best wishes!

    • alicesamuelsquiltco

      Thanks a lot Celia. I think I really need one of those! Would be great to have a machine that almost never requires repair. This machine is actually quite sturdy, it’s a Janome MC5500 but I would look into Singer as an alternative. My plasticy Brother isn’t a reliable alternative either…it has seen better days ?

  3. My heart breaks for you. Glad you have your English Paper Piecing to do. When my machine went into the shop after a month we went out and bought a 2nd one. Good luck.

    • alicesamuelsquiltco

      Thanks Jackie, I haven’t used my 2nd one in a bit but I’ll try it out later. In the meantime EPP to the rescue ?

  4. Oh no, that’s awful! I haven’t had my regular machine on the fritz like that (do you know that phrase?) But I have had problems with my longarm that left me pretty frustrated. I hope you can get it fixed quickly and easily.

    • alicesamuelsquiltco

      I do know that phrase now thanks to you ?. I’ve now got the contact details for a service guy, hopefully he’ll come check it out tomorrow. Thanks Melanie

  5. Katie

    Oh, poor!

    • alicesamuelsquiltco

      I know right! Thanks Katie ?

  6. This too will pass, although you may need to do some swearing to feel better.
    I personally love EPP. Print out some hexies from and get stitching! The meditative aspect of EPP will help you get over the temporary loss of your machine.

    • alicesamuelsquiltco

      Oh you are right it’ll pass and in the meantime I’ll try not to swear ha maybe too late for that but yeah it will be nice to catch up on some EPP designs I colored in last year. I could certainly do with some meditative time so I don’t go crazy ?? Thanks Jennifer

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