The Quilting Process: Before you start

How¬†has your week been so far? I am looking forward to the weekend already ūüôā I had a very productive weekend last week and I’ve been meaning to share but promise to tell you all¬†about it later!.

Today, I¬†continue with the Quilting Process series and I think it’s appropriate to start with¬†the things you should¬†know before you start quilting. While I was OK jumping right in and figuring out my way as I go, I definitely wish I knew most of these things then but¬†I wouldn’t take anything away from my learning journey so far though ūüėČ

As you must know by now, I am fairly new¬†to Quilting myself but I’ve picked up a few things along the line. There are important information you need to be armed with as you begin your quilting journey and I could try to write all about them here. However, I think it’s best to direct you to sites where you will not only find this information but also¬†learn loads of other lessons¬†as you go along.

Like I said in the previous¬†post, this series will be about my Quilting perspective with reference to others who I am equally learning from…So here we go:

  1. ¬†If you are going to click only one link, you should start with this…I only just found her but¬†this post tells¬†you what need to know about tools and other resources:¬†¬†
  2. You absolutely need to check out they have tons of free e-books to help you at every stage
  4. The list won’t be complete without – great online classes with¬†lifetime access!
  5. – very informative and colourful blog by Amy Smart
  10. There will be a whole lot more coming as we continue the series.

Thanks again for stopping!

XX…Sola ūüôā

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