Retrospective Tips and Advice for Beginner Quilters

Hello Friends!

I can’t believe how long I’ve stayed away from here…let’s just say between work, health and other “stuffs” I haven’t had enough energy for quilting or blogging in a while! I seem to be making my way out of this imposed hibernation though. Managed to come online every now and then but I can’t wait to catch up on what I’ve missed in the blogosphere and to hopefully have something to share with you soon.

Recall that in my blog hop post  source site consider the flowers (which is part of a series of posts to come) I asked this question – If you had the chance to start over what advice would you give your new beginner self? I received so many wonderful advice that I promised to compile and share in another post. Who knows, it just might help someone out there right?

Here goes the compressed list in no particular order.

  • Do not to be afraid of free motion quilting, just do it!
  • It is okay not to do things the way you should. There are many different ways to do a task and it is okay to do it the way you want to.
  • Embrace each new day.
  • Don’t be intimated by a seam ripper.
  • Breath, cut, sew then sit back and enjoy the journey.
  • Quilting Advice
  • Be patient and watch each stitch come alive.
  • It is not a race to finish a quilt, slow down and pay attention to details.
  • Be present right here, right now. Today is all you can guarantee
  • Look at others’ quilts and enjoy them but not compare your work to theirs and just enjoy what you are doing now.
  • Enjoy the ride…and use up the fabric you buy that year because what you liked that year you might not like next year. So then it just sits there getting old and not in a project
  • Quilting Advice
  • Take on board advice/information/tips/techniques but also be aware that you can let them go. Keep what works for you and discard the rest/should have/could haves!
  • Lighten up, some quilting rules are there for a purpose.
  • Remember to try lots of things. Even if it isn’t necessarily your cup of tea, learning the technique is useful because you never know when it will come in handy someday.
  • Stop consuming and focus on creating. Be an artist about your work and be grateful for every moment you get to quilt.
  • Quilting Advice

Thank you so much all for your response to that question, I believe I captured every response in the list above. In addition I found this quote worth sharing:

There are three responses to a piece of design – Yes, No and Wow…Wow is the one to aim for – Milton Glaser

Finally, remember that just like the flower, you are perfect at whatever stage you are in your quilting journey – simply enjoy the growth process. Thank you so much as always for stopping by and I wish you an amazing week ahead.

14 Replies to “Retrospective Tips and Advice for Beginner Quilters”

  1. Love these!! Also love the way you have them set up on your blog. The seam ripper and I have actually become very good friends over the last couple of years! 🙂 Looking forward to your future posts!

  2. Wow! I’m so excited! I just stumbled on your blog. I didn’t know I’d find someone quilting in Nigeria. Nice blog!

  3. Lovely entry. Glad you are back, I need a little refocusing myself. Yours was worth the wait.

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