In retrospect…end of year review

When I wrote my last post, I was sure that’ll be the last post for the year. However, I started seeing posts from other blogs I follow listing their top 5 posts of 2016 as part of the Best of 2016 linky party hosted by Cheryl of @meadowmistdesigns I figured I might as well join the party and review year 2016.

Earlier in the year, I wrote a post titled No resolutions only commitments  and in that post I mentioned that reflecting back on 2015 so many goals were left under achieved and resolutions unfulfilled but I have another chance to make things right in 2016. To that effect, I decided I wasn’t making any list of resolutions but I instead made these commitments:

All I want is to be my best self in everything, to push harder, work harder, and make every effort to achieve more in all I set out to do.That means, I want to Quilt more, share more on the blog and inspire more people to Quilt

While I know there’s a wide room for improvements, I believe in some ways I achieved what I set out to do in my quilting this year. I did quilt more, shared more on the blog and I can say more people know about Quilting in Nigeria now than they did a year ago and for that I am very happy. Reflecting on other achievements this year, I have to say the most important was getting serious with the blog. This subsequently led to the amazing friendships, opportunities and knowledge gained this year.

This time last year my biggest project was a lap size quilt for a friend but this year I completed 5 bed size quilts (a Queen size and 4 doubles) and I have to say I had so much fun designing these quilts and quilting them all on my domestic sewing machine! I did mention in my last finished project post of these quilts that I had an opportunity to photograph them in a better location and I promised to share those pictures with you so here goes!

I made 28 throw pillows and 8 applique T-shirts…Yippee! Most importantly, I had the privilege of participating in the 2016 New Quilt Bloggers and the Cloud 9 New Quilt Block blog hops. This led to the creation of diamond fusion…an original quilt block that even got its own in-depth Tutorial. Who would have thought that I’ll be able to do that looking at my skill level this time 2015. Somehow I did it and now I can look forward to doing more in the coming year ?.

Top 5 posts of 2016

Oh in addition to all of the above, I believe I also manage to write some decent posts and now here are the top 5 posts of 2016 (it’s harder to pick 5 than I thought)

5. Creatively Disguised Procrastination

4. With love from Ecuador

3. How to make 32 HSTs at a time

2. 2016 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop

1.  Welcome to Cloud 9 New Block Blog Hop

I am very glad I did this and now I will see you in the New Year! Have a blast over the holiday and good luck again!

Sola 🙂

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12 Replies to “In retrospect…end of year review”

  1. Hi Sola. What an amazing year you’ve had! It’s great to see your finished quilts and list of achievements. I especially like the naval medallion, of course. It’s fun to watch you become more daring in your work. Happy new year!

    1. I know right! Thanks a lot Melanie for being such an inspiration and an amazing person! I wish you the very best of 2017?

  2. Hey Sola, thanks for sharing with us once again. Before 2016, I hadn’t paid any attention to quilts and quilters but thanks to you, I’m in so much love with them now and look forward to incorporating quilt designs on my new eCommerce platform in Nigeria.

    All thanks to you. I am one of your 2016 achievements. Looking forward to more in 2017. Happy new year ahead!

    1. Yaayyy Thanks you Peter, that means a lot! I can’t wait for you to launch your platform. It’s going to be amazing ??Have a great year ahead!

  3. I have sure enjoyed getting to know you through through the blog hops. Your quilts are really beautiful..really works of art. Are you joining in the new quilt bloggers hop in 2017? Your procrastination post was brilliant!! I suffer from procrastination and have yet to read the book.

    1. Hi Karen, it was wonderful getting to know you too. Thanks for your lovely comment about my quilts ?If they will have me I’ll certainly love to join the 2017 new quilt bloggers hop. I will look out for the announcement! Oh I still suffer from procrastination and will be reading the book again in the new year. It’s a good book. Happy New Year in advance to you.

    1. Thanks a lot Tierney, I enjoyed “showing” them one last time before the end of the year ?Happy New year in advance to you.

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