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Phew…I’m not even sure what I need to write about but I certainly have to break the jinx so a random musing on what’s been going on with me lately it is. If you recall, I mentioned I might have to be less frequent here due to other commitments. However, I didn’t intend to be away this long or maybe I did but totally intended to be busy with other things the entire time. I thought I had it all figured out, I’ll complete another quilt, finish a tutorial and some posts I’ve been putting off and whatever else came in view. Instead I have been so tired and unmotivated that I could barely do more than lay down and read novels at the times when I’d normally be quilting.

Let’s just say I have been in a lull these past weeks and at some point I started stressing about the fact that I wasn’t doing much. Do you know that feeling when you know what you should be doing but you just couldn’t get up to do it to save your life? No? Well that was me most of the time. 

When I could force myself out of the fog, I did manage to get some things done and I can gladly share the highlights as it wasn’t all bad. I completed the Quilting and binding on  http://greatamericancomicconvention.com/breed/ Nautical…(pictures coming up soonest) happy days as that marks the completion of all my bed size Quilt projects…for now.  I was so sure that after this last quilt, I will take a well deserved break from larger projects but I guess the universe had other plans (I have been commissioned to make 2 King Size quilts!…I will figure it out somehow). I have also completed the 3rd random blocks from my strips and made all three into cushions.img_20161111_232118


I finally found the perfect use for what’s left of this floral fabric!

I have also made another baby quilt from my stash of Disney Character Panels, its Anna and Elsa from Frozen!Anna and Elsa


One of those days, a nice lady contacted me (she found me online…thank God for technology!) she sounded so glad to have found a Quilter in Nigeria,who knew that I was an answer to a silent prayer 🙂 Anyway, we had an interesting conversation about quilting, she currently has two quilts purchased from an exhibition in UK. The conversation ended up in a commission to make a King size quilt for her but I believe I won’t venture into that project until early next year. We chatted about color preferences and she sent loads of inspiration pictures which I subsequently used in illustrating some designs. Her color preference and design inspirations changed like twice in the space of 2 days so I now have a couple of patterns I hope to eventually create. I must say I quite enjoy this process, I am finally finding my way around designing quilt patterns on Inkscape  (It’s free and easier to use in my opinion than Adobe Illustrator)


In her search for inspiration designs, she mentioned something I had not really given any thought…the difference between quilts made in UK and US. In her exact word she said… buy Misoprostol “UK Quilters seem to have full looking designs while the US Quilters play around with more colors and designs”. Her http://kephrenknittingstudio.com/2015/04/page/2/  observation is based on Google search and her experience shopping for Quilts in the UK of course. After the conversation, I decided to do my own Google image search and this time I didn’t limit it to just UK or US. It was very interesting to see the peculiarities of Quilting styles and patterns from the different continents.

It will definitely be a wonderful challenge to study more on this peculiarities and probably try out some of the patterns. Through my search, I deduced that what she referred to as  “full designs” might mean that there are more traditional block based, lots of English Paper piecing with lots of bold prints and colors. On the other hand is the more “interesting”, more “subtle” “modern quilting” style widely adopted in US.  Have you given this any thought and what have you noticed (if you have) about the different Quilting styles and the reason for these peculiarities. Personally, I believe it has a lot to do with the history, culture and the prevailing trends in the country/continent in question.

My interaction with this customer raised questions that I hope you all can help me clarify. How do you handle commissioned quilts, do you accept patterns or design and present your own pattern to the customers, what do you say to a request to create a replica of an existing quilt especially when there is no information about the original designer…? Previous customers have been happy for me to use my “discretion” once we agree on colors. This means I get to create something that I not only enjoy creating from start to finish but will also be unique to the customer. I generally say no to recreating someone else’s quilt especially when all I get is a picture with no reference to the designer. In the end she decided to send her own illustrations and i got to choose the one I would be willing to make but I will like to know how to handle this better in the future.

On another note, I will be relocating to a new city in the next month or so  and it’s time to sort out my stash and pack but my God, I can’t believe how much I’ve acquired in the past 2 years. I have no clue where to begin! I’m going to need special discipline to streamline what to let go off and what to take along. I’m hoping to get rid of some of my scraps (I mean make them into something!) and trust me there’s a lot…Any ideas or suggestions for dealing with the scraps and packing up would be much appreciated 🙂

Well I did say this was going to be all random musings with no particular aim than to break the silence so there you have it. I am making every effort to drag myself out of this dull state and I am confident that I’ll have something to share pretty soon.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to your opinions and comments on the questions raised. I have really missed being here and reading all your comments so it feels good to be back! Enjoy the rest of your week.

Sola 🙂

P:S: I am here debating whether to post this now or still read it over a couple more times but I’m afraid if i go with the latter option the post might just sit in draft for another God knows how many days so out it goes right now!!!

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  1. I’m glad you got through the bloggers block and are coming out of a low time ☺ I do love the quilting and the backing fabric you’ve used for the Frozen panel. I occasionally do commission work and find big projects do become a bit of a slog as I start to wish I was working on the project ideas coming into my head rather than on the job in hand! On a positive note, commissions do become finishes and I often lack the discipline to finish projects unless there is a deadline. And there’s money at the end to spend on more fabric and equipment ☺

    1. Thanks Allison, I’m glad too and I hope to stay out of it! I love everything about this frozen quilt too. You are right about the big projects and I’ve been guilty of abandoning the work at hand at times to indulge in other ideas that can’t wait ?That’s the joy of commissions isn’t it, the fact that you complete it and more money to splurge on shinny new fabrics and stuffs ☺

  2. I was just thinking about you yesterday, and there you go posting. Your random musings sound like what happens in my brain all day long. It looks like you were able to get a couple finishes in, the pillows and the Frozen girls are wonderful. Regarding the lulls, they happen. There are days I plan to come home from the office and sew my heart out and I get home, get the dog outside and then fed and I just don’t have the brain power. It’s ok. And sometimes the things going on in our life are bigger than finishing a pillow or a quilt and it’s ok if they consume us for a bit. I’ve never taken a commission for a quilt, I’ve made a conscious decision to not take commissions as I wanted to sew for me so I can’t help you there, other than to say to stay true to yourself. Lastly, I hope the move goes well and brings lots of positives to you, you certainly deserve it. Make sure you are taking care of yourself in the meantime.

    1. Awww thanks Stephanie. You are absolutely right, I had too many things going on in my life and my head besides quilting for sure. I had decided to not take commissions as of the end of this year and instead just make what I want, I don’t care much for the pressure and limitations of commissions but I guess I’ll still take a couple every now and then there aren’t that many quilters around! Oh yes the move is exciting news because I get to finally go be with my husband ? we’ve been living away apart due to work commitments and it was just too stressful to deal with. It’ll take a while to move and settle in but I’m just glad it’s happening right now.You know what, I’m certainly guilty of not taking care of myself as much as I should… something I’m looking forward to changing in the new year. Thanks again and have a great day.

  3. Hi Sola, missed you in the blogging world, nice to see you again! The pillows are lovely and congratulations on a commission. I do not have much insight on commissions as I have been offered several and declined them due to my full time job. Maybe I will do them in the future. I was not sure if I liked being restricted. I did accept one commission in the early 2000s when I was a relatively new quilter but they put no restrictions on it accept that it was masculine looking (it was for a guy). I was glad when it was over, though they were very appreciative. I know in retrospect I did not charge them nearly enough. Oh yes Melanie is right – as you are no longer on the WordPress platform I have to fill out a form to comment on your post (and there is no more “Like” button). I guess I get spoiled from following WP blogs 🙂

    1. Apparently I replied to you via email. I really need to take time out to figure out the nitty gritty of this new site. I hope I won’t come to hate it! Thanks for stopping by Tierney ?

  4. Hi Sola. I’m glad you posted. It sounds like you’ve had some fatigue, or perhaps even a mild depression. Even so you’ve gotten so much done! The panel quilting is so lovely! And the cushions! Congrats on the commissions, too. One thing I’d say is, don’t worry too much about lulls in your quilting. They will happen from time to time, just as lulls in any other part of your life will happen.

    As to recreating someone else’s quilt, please don’t. Of course if the pattern is traditional — a reasonably standard setting of traditional blocks, then there is little harm, assuming you are choosing your own fabrics and modifying for size, etc. But if the blocks or setting are unique, then I think you risk … not sure how to say … stealing, whether intentionally or not.

    Your comment requirements here have changed. Is that because of a site change?

    Good to see you.

    1. Hi Melanie, good to see you too ?. Thanks for your lovely comment! Oh yes I think I was just being diplomatic by not coming right out to say a mild depression? but I’m sure that’s spot on. My close friend said I kept to myself the entire time and she was getting worried about me. I probably had too many things going on in my head and none was getting resolved. Things are moving in a better direction though, thank God for that. I know the lull and the breaks happen every now and then and finding the way out of it is the only thing to be concerned about.

      That’s my thought too on recreating a quilt. Unless it’s a traditional block that I only need to figure out the block and do my own setting then it’s a different ball game. Asides “stealing” I just don’t enjoy this as much as I like to figure out my designs as I proceed except it’s a purchased pattern of course. I’m not even quite there with following patterns yet.

      Oh I didn’t realize any change in the comment requirements. Hmmm what’s the difference is it clumsy now? I’d have to revisit the settings. Thanks again ?

    1. Thanks a lot Karen. It’s good to be back! Oh there’s no wisdom in comparing I tell you. I know first hand that circumstances and experiences differ and you are right everyone should do what they can. I’m sure there are so many insomniac quilters hahahaha and some are just magicians period! I’m trying to figure out a good balance for now though.

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