Quilter’s Laundry Day Mini Quilt Pattern: My crazy experiment!

Welcome back and Happy New Month!

Thank you so much for all your wonderful comment on the blog hop post! Unfortunately my blog had a mind of its own and I was unable to get notifications by email. I believe I replied everyone one way or the other and if I didn’t, I apologize.

Where were we?…Yes, I was telling you about my crazy experiment with trying to up size Jen’s wonderful pattern because making the small one just wasn’t enough! I decided to multiply all the given dimensions…I mean if you want to double numbers you multiply by 2 isn’t it? Turns out it isn’t as simple as that with quilting maths.

Mistakes and lessons

  • I should have given a bit more thought to the maths or at least work on the sizes for each section as I go along rather than all at once – Take as much time as necessary to get the dimensions right.
  • When I realized my pieces weren’t aligning, I resolved to trimming as I go. Biggest mistake that confronted me further down the line.  – No matter what, don’t trim each piece until you’ve completed the section or block.
  • Even though, I was worried about keeping tab on all the pieces, I succeeded (or so I thought) and while I could see a piece lying about. I thought I had cut excess only to find out too late that the piece was a part I had missed from one section. – Always follow instructions, be present minded and don’t make any assumptions while piecing!

I cut all the pieces and diligently followed the piecing instructions but I mustn’t have been diligent enough because I not only got my dimensions wrong from scratch, I missed a few steps while piecing. See picture below: (I couldn’t figure out why my chimney wasn’t touching the sky haha)4 broken needles, a couple of minutes ripping out looped stitches on the back and quilting was completed.After all is said and done, I did arrive at a quilt that wasn’t too shabby I believe. Moreover, regardless of the outcome, I wouldn’t have missed this opportunity to learn for anything.

That was supposed to be the end of the post but then I got a comment with tip on how to properly double quilt dimensions. Hmmm, there’s only way to find out for sure…make another quilt with the new dimensions. I needed to make a baby quilt for a friend anyway – perfect excuse to make another of this gorgeous pattern! I added borders to make it a 40″ finished baby quilt. I’m still opened to options for embellishing it or not…we’ll see.

Quilter's Laundry Day
I decided to lose the road and just have the walkway on this one

As requested Janice, I have included the correct dimensions to yield a 32″ finished quilter’s laundry day pattern. I don’t see any need to include my experimental dimensions as that yielded a quilt measuring 34 x 38″.

Cutting instructions: all measurements in inches* (Adjusted: subtract seam allowance, double dimension and add seam allowance back to the new sizes!)

go to link SKY:

(1)14.5 x16.5, (1) 6.5 x 9.5, (1) 2.5 x 12.5, (2) 6.5 x 2.5, (1) 6.5 sq, (1)20.5 x 4.5

buy finasteride online cheap GRASS:

(1)4.5 sq, (1) 4.5 x 9.5, (1) 2.5 x 8.5, (1) 5.5 sq, (1)2.5 x 4.5, (1) 4.5 x 18.5

http://unionroguerivercamp.com/ftf/hgnq.php POST:

(2) 1.5×10.5


(5) 4.5×2.5, (1) 2.5×12.5, (2)2.5×6.5, (1)4.5×12.5


(1)6.5 x 12.5


(1) 6.5x 2.5


(1)4.5 sq (2) 4.5 x 2.5


(1) 6.5 x 4.5


(1) 5.5 sq, (1) 4.5 sq, (1) 4.5 x 32.5 (can change to 2.5x 32.5 if you prefer a narrow road or excluded)

  • 8.5 sq MINI QUILT. Can be any pieced block or cut piece of fabric.
  • Sew 6.5 x 9.5 SKY to 4.5 x 9.5 GRASS on long(9.5”) edge.

I hope you give the pattern a try if you haven’t, download the pattern here for piecing instructions. Don’t forget to tag Jen (@astitchandadream)and Janice (colorcreatingandquilting) using #quilterslaundryday if you go ahead to make this pattern.

Thanks for stopping by and do have a great weekend ahead.

16 Replies to “Quilter’s Laundry Day Mini Quilt Pattern: My crazy experiment!”

    1. Let’s just say I have a new respect for pattern designers! All that maths that goes in and all the effort to make everything come together. However it is a great feeling when it comes together nicely. Thanks Jennifer.

  1. Hi, Sola! These are beautiful quilts! I appreciate knowing the double rule as I had not thought about that. I will have to bookmark your post. “It’s not how many quilts a person makes in a lifetime, it’s enjoying the journey while making them: said by me and probably a thousand other quilters who would like to make more but time and money dictates otherwise. Karen.

    1. Wouldn’t it be great to have more time and money to make more quilts though! Well we’ll just have to enjoy the process of making whatever we get to make in this lifetime 😀. Thanks for your lovely comment and I was so glad to get that doubling tip in a comment. Would certainly make subsequent experiments easier.

  2. I have learned, through mistakes, to always read through the instructions first. However, that is sometimes a discipline for me because I just want to dive in and sew! Your two quilts are very cute, Sola! Thanks for sharing with us!

    1. Thanks a lot Wendy. You are so right about wanting to just dive in and sew especially when it’s a familiar technique but instructions are truly there for a purpose.

  3. I enjoy following your journey…Personally, I remember most, the lessons I learned by first giving the incorrect answer; especially at university! I have forgotten much but some things I got wrong on exam, are the things that “stick”; I’m sure it will be true as I venture out on my path of quilting. So far, I have played it very safe, following simple patterns!

    1. Thank you so much Catherine! I agree with you about learning more from our mistakes. I’m terrible about following patterns, I always want to either do a different size or try a different technique. Sometimes I succeed but some other times I drown…unable to find my way back. Nevertheless, there’s always a lesson to be learnt.

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