Quilter’s Laundry Day Mini Quilt Blog Hop – The Big Reveal

Welcome to everyone on the blog hop visiting here for the first time – Good to have you here and I hope you decide to look around and follow me on my adventure. My name is Sola and you can read all about me and my quilting journey here and here. For the regular visitors, welcome back for the big reveal of my secret sewing project…The Quilter’s Laundry Day Mini Quilt designed by Jen Rosin of A Dream and a Stitch (a free pattern available on Craftsy here) the blog hop is hosted by both Jen and Janice Holton of Color Creating & Quilting – Thanks Ladies (stop over and drop a comment on their blogs for your chance to win lovely prizes).

I really do love a challenge and trying out new things (at least in my quilting) as most of my previous creations would suggest. Therefore, when I came upon the call to join the blog hop and saw the beautiful pattern, I knew I had to give it a try. I remembered wanting to create the shadow mini quilt from the hop last year but I couldn’t.

I must confess though, that I almost gave up after downloading the pattern and seeing all those tiny pieces needed for the mini (16.5″). I’m afraid my brain doesn’t deal well with anything smaller than 2” unless it’s a long strip but this pattern had me cutting 1.5 x 2.5” pieces…pheww! In addition to that, I am terrible at labeling my pieces and not mixing up the pieces without labeling was a real trial! Fortunately for me, cutting and keeping track of the pieces were the only difficult part of the entire process, the rest of the steps went by like a breeze. This is all thanks to Jen for a pattern so clearly written, concise and easy to follow.

I have always enjoyed pulling fabrics for my projects but I had lots of fun choosing fabrics for this project. Immediately I saw the pattern, I already had a mental picture of the fabrics to use; almost like I’ve been waiting for this pattern. I wanted to make the pattern come to life with my fabric choices so something to make it look realistic. I had the perfect grey fabric for the sky (It’s raining season over here so we get cloudy sky), green for the grass, black for the road and because I live in a beige/cream/tan colored house (fairly common around here), the choice of fabric for the house was a no-brainer.

Without further ado, here is what my mini quilt looks like:

Thanks Jen for permitting the option of cutting a piece of fabric in place of the 4” pieced block (remember what I said about piecing tiny pieces…Brrrrr!). I decided to fussy cut a flower bush out of my grass fabric instead so we’ll just pretend I’m currently washing the quilt in the house and it hasn’t come out to dry – Blame the grey sky ha!

The Quilting

I usually never know how I am going to quilt a top until I’ve sat down with it, I keep my walking foot and free motion foot close in case I need to change at any point then I let the top guide me. For this mini I went with loops for the sky, pebbles for the grass and straight line for the road, house and my flower bush. Oh I made an effort to change my thread to match the sections – a first for me!

I had some left over binding matching the chimney that came in handy

close up

A better view of the quilting

I didn’t get round to attaching hanging sleeves yet, will do later and after seeing all the genius embellishment ideas from yesterday’s reveal, I might add something to this or not.


As if making one wasn’t enough – it really wasn’t, I had to make another one and I mustn’t have been too challenged in my previous attempt because I had the craziest idea of up-scaling the pattern! (crazy right?). I mentioned this to Jan and she asked if I was planning to make a lap size…wouldn’t that be so brave? Too bad I’m not that brave! I only wanted to double the current size to say approximately 32” finish.

Certainly there is probably a complicated maths behind the dimensions but I took the lazy man’s approach and just doubled all the dimensions given in the pattern. I know what you are thinking…that can’t be right, it can’t be that easy or what was she thinking? You are absolutely right on all counts! It wasn’t correct by a long shot but I didn’t know that at the time of course. This was such an experience that I think it deserves it’s own post so that should come up soonest.

Not so mini quilt

unfortunately it was raining most of the day so this indoor picture is the best I’ve got for now. I promise to share a better picture in the next post

Need I say more on what an adventure this was or how much I enjoyed the process?

On that note, thanks for stopping by all and I hope you pop over to the rest of the blogs on the hop. If you missed the reveal yesterday, you can visit those blogs today…links included below. I love to read your comments and I promise I always reply so keep them coming thanks.

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Sola 🙂

P.S: My sewing table finally came in on Thursday! should be fun setting up and trying it out this weekend.

67 thoughts on “Quilter’s Laundry Day Mini Quilt Blog Hop – The Big Reveal

  1. Sola, both are fantastic! I really like your quilting in the larger one! Great job on both!

    • alicesamuelsquiltco

      Thank you Paige!

  2. Your block is beautiful. I “cheated” as well and substituted fabric for the quilt. But it works.

    • alicesamuelsquiltco

      Thank you Anja. I guess it’s not cheating as long as it works 😀

  3. Popping over from the 2017 New Quilter Bloggers Hive. Glad to be a Bee in your Hive~ Your Laundry Day Quits are Adorable!

    • alicesamuelsquiltco

      You are welcome Anita and thank you so much for your lovely comment 😀

  4. Your blocks are so cute! I love your upscaled version!

    • alicesamuelsquiltco

      Thank you!

  5. Liz

    So beautiful!

    • alicesamuelsquiltco

      Thank you so much Liz

  6. I love the way you posted photos of the quilt top and the finished quilt, it’s amazing to see the difference the quilting made. I love your swirly sky!

  7. this is a fun blog hop to see all the different versions of the little quilt!

    • alicesamuelsquiltco

      It really is right? Thanks Sandy

  8. Wonderful! I could not find a like button on this post but I really liked it 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your new sewing table!

    • alicesamuelsquiltco

      Thanks Tierney! I would certainly show the table ? By the way something seems to be up with my blog. My comments aren’t delivering to my mailbox and now no like button? I need to get that checked out!

  9. Hi, Sola! You’ve done well. Both quilts turned out beautifully and I like them both. I read from the above comments about shades on the windows so I had to go and take a closer look. I too would have thought doubling the dimensions would give a larger quilt. Good to have that info above about doubling the finished block size and then adding the seam allowance. I learned something new today.

    • alicesamuelsquiltco

      Thank you Karen! That was a very helpful comment wasn’t it. I will be sure to add the correct dimensions when I write the post for the larger one and I might even make another one to test the maths if I get a chance ?

  10. Goodness, the quilting really works for this quilt! I love the mini-mini but the whole quilt is just fabulous.

  11. Great job! And wow on the upscaling and oh yes, been there, done that on the ‘just double it and it should work, no?’ thought… Love that grey sky fabric!

  12. Janet T

    Love the flower in the line quilt! Great block.

    • alicesamuelsquiltco

      Thank you so much Janet!

  13. I love both your versions! I doubled something a few months ago and learned that it wasn’t that easy! Now I know subtract the seam allowance, then double, then add seam allowance back in.

    • alicesamuelsquiltco

      Oh Emily that’s Genius! The sizing issues I had would probably have been solved with this advice ?. You know what, I just might try that and make another one ??? Thanks for your lovely comment.

  14. I thought your flower bush was a quilt! An art quilt! I like how your second house looks like there are shades in the windows. Thanks for sharing the back of the first quilt.The loops in the sky are delightful!

    • alicesamuelsquiltco

      Oh wow Janine, why didn’t I think of the art quilt? ? Thank you for your lovely comment

  15. I love your flower fabric for the quilt 🙂

    • alicesamuelsquiltco

      Thank you so much Anne ?

  16. Lori Smanski

    good for you for sticking with it all. they turned out wonderful.

    • alicesamuelsquiltco

      Thanks Lori, I’m glad it did.

  17. Hi Sola!
    I love both your quilts. Great to see your lovely quilting from the back too! Your larger version was such a great idea! I especially like your blinds in the windows and the door. Again, great quilting on this piece too!
    Hope you have fun using your new sewing table!
    Nice to meet you, and I like your choice of blog name …. honouring the memory of your parents!
    Barbara x

  18. Hi Sola!
    I love both your quilts. Great to see your lovely quilting from the back too! Your larger version was such a great idea! I especially like your blinds in the windows and the door. Again, great quilting on this piece too!
    Hope you have fun using your new sewing table!
    Nice to meet you, and I like your choice of blog name …. honouring the memory of your parents!
    Barbara x

    • alicesamuelsquiltco

      Thank you Barbara ?

  19. I like your take on the quilt block. It reminds me of an O’Keefe with the big floral. Glad you joined in since it led me to your blog. Lots to see, and lots of good ideas!

  20. alicesamuelsquiltco

    Hello friends, so for some reasons I am not getting my comments in my mailbox which means I can’t reply by email. I’ll reply on the blog and as soon as I get that sorted I’ll do the needful. Thank you!

  21. Love both of them, and great idea to scale one up!

    • alicesamuelsquiltco

      Thanks a lot Susan

  22. Hi Sola!
    I love both your quilts. Lovely to see the detail of your quilting from the back too!
    The larger version was such a great idea, and I especially like your blinds in the windows and the door. I thought about using lace at my windows….. like net curtains, but I didn’t have enough time. Again Sola, great quilting on this piece too!
    Hope you have fun using your new sewing table!
    Nice to meet you and to learn how you started in quilting!
    Barbara x

    • alicesamuelsquiltco

      Oh thank you, thank you! Exactly, I barely had time to complete this as it is. The table couldn’t have come at a better time. Nice to meet you too and your mini is lovely

  23. Sola, these are both beautiful! Resizing patterns is really challenging – good job on yours. Quilter math is a real thing.

    • alicesamuelsquiltco

      Thanks Jennifer! It was a crazy experiment and I could probably handle up scaling a proper block but I didn’t know where to begin with this so easy way out it was ?

  24. janicekholton

    Oh Sola, reading about your adventure just made me smile! I LOVE that you decided to upsize it. I’ll bet THAT was an adventure. I can’t wait to read about that and I hope you’ll share the dimensions of the pieces you cut. I bet there are others that would love to make a bigger size too! I just used fabric on my 2nd mini too so yay for the easy route! 😀 I really do like the fussy cut flower you chose. Beautiful!!

    • alicesamuelsquiltco

      Lol thanks Janice, it certainly was an adventure. Unfortunately I was trimming as I go and didn’t take note of the correct dimensions but I’m sure I got it somewhere. Who says the easy route isn’t the best way ? I truly love your mini.

  25. This was fun to read. I always love reading about your quilting adventures. You did a great job with all those little pieces on the regular-sized mini. I’m hoping you tell the story of your super-sized one!

    • alicesamuelsquiltco

      Thank you so much Tami…your mini and the story behind it was so nice. I certainly have a story to tell with the super-sized one ?

  26. Very cute quilts, and I had fun following a lot of the links to the other blogs. I found some great new ones to follow, so thanks for participating in the blog hop!

    • alicesamuelsquiltco

      Thank you for your comment. Yes there are lots of interesting blogs on the hop and they made really lovely mini too

  27. The sky in your mini looks just like sky at our house here in Colorado today! I like the flower you have hanging on the line; to me it looks like a beautiful blanket! The quilting you did adds so much texture, and I lived seeing from the back. I had to laugh about the quilt math – not my strong point either, so I would have done exactly what you did!

    • alicesamuelsquiltco

      Hahahaha I truly don’t know what I was thinking with that crazy math but it was worth it. Yes the sky is mostly grey here these days. Thanks for your comment.

  28. adreamandastitch

    I love it! Your mini looks like a beautiful summer rainstorm. I really like the larger version too. I am loving how everyone is making the quilt to suit their own personalities and quilting style. Thanks for joining us!

    • alicesamuelsquiltco

      Thank you for the free pattern and for having me on the hop! It was such fun making this quilt and I just love looking at everyone’s version.

  29. inquiringquilter

    Very brave of you to try changing the dimensions of the quilt without doing all the math first! I really giggle at that. Sola, you are so sweet and so are both of your quilts. Both of them came out well, despite your challenges. Congrats on two great finishes!

    • alicesamuelsquiltco

      Hahahaha I know right! If I had paused to do the maths though I probably would have given up but at least this way it’s completed ?. Thanks for your lovely comment.

    • alicesamuelsquiltco

      Thank you Susan!

  30. Both quilts are very nice! I like the fabric you used for the sky in the little one. So cool!

    • alicesamuelsquiltco

      Thank you Wendy, it’s one of my favorite fabrics of all time. We’ve done wonderful things together ?

  31. What a great quilt! The flower fabric for your little quilt is lovely.

    • alicesamuelsquiltco

      Thank you so much Sharon. I didn’t see your post when I visited is it up now?

  32. I love your flowered mini quilt on the first one. And your bigger one, well that just makes me want to make a larger one!! Nice work!

    • alicesamuelsquiltco

      Oh thank you Vicki, the larger one was much more fun to make ?

  33. The quilting really shows off this quilt. To see the before quilted and after picture is really great.

    • alicesamuelsquiltco

      Thank you Janis.

  34. smilesfromkate

    It is so lovely that the colours you chose reflect your life in Nigeria at this time of the year. The lovely flower fabric makes a beautiful splash of colour. I loved what you did with the upscaled version too, it looks like you have blinds up at the windows with a red trim, lovely.

    • alicesamuelsquiltco

      Thanks for your lovely comment Kate ?

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