Mondays are for catching up…


As always after a brief break, it seems I haven’t been here forever! What have you been up to?

2 more sleeps till the month of February 2017 is gone forever but I don’t mind, I am actually excited. Why? well when I wake up after the 2nd sleep I’ll be a year older! 1st of March is my birthday and I am happily looking forward to it. It isn’t like I have any plans besides anticipating another year of my life that is. I had planned to have a giveaway but I haven’t gotten round to making any of the things. However, I’ll probably just keep it open for the entire month and that should give me plenty of time to make some things.

OK did I mention that I completed the Wonky Log Cabin Baby Quilt? I did and I have recently completed the top for another baby quilt (I will be making a couple more baby quilts for now, I need a break from the big stuffs!). Speaking of the new quilt top, I saw a fabric I just had to have last year and even got round to cutting out the pieces I needed for a quilt but that’s all the progress I made.Baby Fabric

After completing the wonky block quilt (which I promise to share when I can get a decent photo taken), It was just easier to continue where I stopped with my plan for the above fabric.

Remember my Quilting Process series – I know it is still hanging in the air somewhere 🙁 . I did that post on Color Theory and decided to pursue it a bit further…well this new quilt top is one of my experiments (This is turning out to be an experimental year). Anyway, I had an idea for the the colors to use but it’s one of those love it or hate it color combinations and I wasn’t sure which side I was on. The only way to find out was to actually make something…I did play around with designing some patterns last year that I haven’t had time to actually sew so I got to make one of them.

On that topic, I have been enjoying creating sample patterns as part of my learning process for design software. Nevertheless, I’m not sure I can write a pattern for them all but I could certainly share them here and if you feel inspired to do the math to make any of them…sure! On the other hand if you want me to write a pattern for any one in particular you could indicate and I’ll work something out.

Baby Quilt

Baby Quilt

Backing is cut, I have left over binding that could work for this so hopefully I get to complete this as soon as possible.

Oh I am working on something interesting but I can’t reveal until the 11th of March! it’s the Jen & Jan’s Mini Blog Hop. Jen Rosin of A Dream and a Stitch has created a free pattern available on Craftsy…download here. If you would like to make the mini but don’t have the chance to blog about it, please go ahead and you can mail me your picture to add to my blog reveal! I’ve made 2 already and I can promise you it comes together really quickly and a lot of fun too 🙂

I feel like I’ve said a lot already in this one post so I must stop now but you’ve been pretty much brought up to date with what I have going on. What are you looking forward to, or what exciting project are you working on? I’ll be on the look out and I’ll keep you posted with my progress. Be sure to look out for the reveal of my mini block for the hop on the 11th March. The next time you hear from me I’ll be a year older…cool stuff!

Thanks for stopping  by and I’d love to know which side of love or hate you fall with my new quilt top! Cheers to a great week ahead.

Sola 🙂

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  1. Happy birthday, Sola! Do you have particular traditions for celebrating? Aside from the birthday issue (mine is in October,) I am never sorry to say goodbye to February. That said, it’s been relatively easy this year.

    1. Thanks a lot Melanie! I don’t have any traditions for celebrating. It’s been different things each year. Unfortunately I get to go to work that day so maybe I’ll have something over the weekend. Yes this month did go by rather quickly.

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