I’ve moved on!

Yes I have…moved on to a new project *insert any cheeky smiley here*. Remember that post about procrastination? turns out I’m back right where I started …creatively procrastinating!  Meanwhile, I am giving myself a major pat on the back for successfully quilting this giant quilt with spirals that seems to literally take forever and thus completing the Quilt top! Now it’s time for that horrific part of the quilting process…Basting! If you have been following my Quilting process series then you know the next post should be about basting and quilting but for the life of me I can’t come up with a strategy for that post. I’m worried it will be such a lamentation that might scare a fellow beginner quilter to death and we definitely don’t want that *gasps*!

Consequently, I’ve been avoiding that post and instead I am gathering some awesome tutorials on basting and quilting that I’ll share in due time! Away from that post, I think I am generally avoiding basting anything bigger than a baby quilt! And to think I recently completed 2 double quilts…how’d I manage? You can read my lamentations here. I guess what I’m trying to say in essence is that I have come to the part of attaching the backing to my queen size quilt and I just can’t 🙁 not in my current state of mind anyway (Quick note: I am starting to learn the hard way that using busy fabric that I can cut into without messing up the pattern is the way to go for my backing so I could “quilt as you go” the entire layer and only worry about joining the blocks. I guess I can’t eat my cake and have it seeing as I love using interesting backing for the quilts such that it can be reversible…hmm.)

new edit

OK back to the purpose of this post…to share with you my new love until it’s time to baste anyway. I only meant to pull out fabric for my next project during my time away from my basting frustration and next thing you know I’m drawing patterns and cutting into fabric…yes you can say it – I lack self control and I know it too *tongue out* Enough said here is where I’m at in my new quest:

I played around with this pattern inspired by that Queen Quilt I was working on. I did change the pinwheel to square- in- a -square block to complete the 40″ storm at sea pattern…Google finally gave me the name of the pattern.
PicMonkey Collage 3
That teal fabric with the anchor is my star fabric and I pulled together coordinating fabrics. I did replace the medium blue fabric with the dark teal pictured blow though
PicMonkey Collage5
I struggled to incorporate the little squares in the design for the corners. It’s not exactly the size I needed for either the pinwheel or the planned square-in – a- square block.
image 3.jpg
Here’s my progress so far…2 more of the corner blocks to paper-piece, complete the diamond in the rectangle before piecing the blocks together 

I’m trying to figure this out as I go so wish me luck and I promise to keep you posted!

Thanks for stopping by and it’s midweek already…yayyyy! Do enjoy the rest of your week!

Sola 🙂

P.S: Paper Piecing is awesome! I started out with piecing the “square-in-a-square/economy block” the traditional way (see the bottom right hand of image above), Melanie of Catbirdquilts  has this amazing tutorial with cheat sheet  for that but then again my center square didn’t fit into any of the cutting chart so she was nice enough to offer more clarification via email…Thank’s Melanie. After struggling to piece it the traditional way and not liking the outcome, I tried paper piecing and WOW, not only was it much easier to put together but the accuracy of the finished block makes me so happy…post for another day.


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  1. If you have enough wall space available, there is a wall basting technique to try. I hate crawling around on my knees to baste quilts so I tried the wall technique and like it much better. Also I glue baste instead of sprays (allergies) or pins. I worked out my techniques for both the glue baste and the wall basting on minis to get the hand of it. There are several tutorials on glue basting. To protect the wall, I used an inexpensive vinyl tablecloth taped first to the wall.

    I look forward to seeing your creative journey. I found your blog via the New Blogger’s blog tour.

    wall basting: http://www.quiltersnewsletter.com/blogs/insideqn/2014/07/18/off-the-wall-basting/

    1. Thank you so much Mary! I’m glad you found my blog and shared this useful link. I will definitely check it out ?…I’m working on a bigger wall, crawling on the floor is definitely not for me as I’m beginning to find out.

  2. I like the pool noodle idea for wrapping ends of a large quilt to baste when you have limited space. Hope it works out! Looking forward to seeing how your new nautical themed piece comes out.

    1. Thanks Tierney, do you know where I can find a tutorial for that, I’d love to try anything that makes Basting and Quilting easier? And thanks for enlightening me I never knew that’s what those things are called… Nautical – Google came to my rescue! This quilt just might have a name after all ??

  3. Anything bigger than a baby quilt I use the board basting method (found a YouTube tutorial of that) because I am too old to crawl around the floor anymore. With this method, you can thread baste, pin baste or spray baste. I’m still not that fond of getting the backing and batting ready and I have two quilts to get ready for basting today.

    1. Hi Penny, I’ve seen a couple of tutorials for that board Basting too and I’d love to try. I feel like I’m going to age quicker if I keep crawling around on the floor Basting these quilts ?. I can’t wait to have a dedicated sewing space…too many things to try. I hope to have some interesting tutorials to post on my Basting your Quilt post.

  4. Beautiful quilting Sola! I’m extremely impressed! I absolutely adore paper piecing for the accuracy. It’s worth the extra effort in my opinion.

    1. Thank you so much Sue…I think I just fell in love with paper piecing and knowing that you can achieve more accuracy with it while piecing even traditional blocks is so exciting. I’m sure I’ll try it more often 🙂

  5. Basting is definitely not a favorite of mine if it is bigger than baby size, especially since I live in an RV. My latest try was using swimming noodles and wrapping 3 of them with top, batting, and backing on one each. That way I was able to pin baste sitting down and it went pretty fast. Enjoy your current project

    1. Hi Jenny, I think that’s part of the problem! I’ve moved everything around and I still can’t seem to get enough space to spread it out completely. swimming noodles that’s a new one! Do you have a tutorial for that? I recently read about board basting via right sides together blog and I also recently saw @christaquilts on Instagram basting on her design wall…I think she has a tutorial on her blog now but I am yet to try any of these. I shall be sharing links to them in my next quilting process post hopefully. Thanks, I plan to enjoy my current project while I still can 🙂

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