It’s a wrap!…recent finishes (part 1)

Hiya friends!

Now that I am gradually coming out of my lull (read more about that in source site random musings) I can finally reveal what I’ve managed to accomplish since the last finished Quilt post. You already saw Anna and Elsa and the other baby Quilts as well as the pillows I made from my left over scraps from piecing and binding the Chevron Quilt. In addition, I did mention a couple of posts back that I completed my Quilt as you go Queen size Quilt and you know I completed the chevron and Nautical quilts.

The other weekend I managed to take another trip to the park to photograph the finished quilts. However, it was a very sunny morning and the pictures could be better but I thought I got some decent ones to share certainly beats taking them in my poorly lit home.

Meanwhile, I had another opportunity this weekend to photograph the quilts in a more appropriate location but I haven’t gotten round to editing these new pictures. I’d rather not delay this post much longer so I have decided to show you the photos in two different posts (You can never have too many Quilt photos or can you?) And now i’ll just get right to those pictures! 🙂

Quilt- as – you – Go Quilt

I already showed the front but with the backing and binding now on, it certainly deserves another reveal.


The backing fabric is perfect for just that and even though it was slightly shorter than required, I found a way to make it work

Nautical Quilt

You already know how much I enjoyed making this and It was definitely a challenge basting and quilting this project as a whole. I learnt one or two things that I will share in the next Quilting Process post. Bottom line is that I am extremely pleased with the way it turned out!


From the last post on buy online Misoprostol 200 mcg Nautical, I did get lots of suggestions on the backing option but in the absence of more of the bright orange, enough of the teal, a pieced backing was the best choice. I was fortunate enough to get more of that anchor fabric so here’s what I did for the backing. For the Quilting I decided to freestyle and by tackling each section at a time, it was easy to let the quilt top dictate which way to go. I echoed-in, stippled, quilted some borders in the ditch and a wavy shell-like design on the final border. oh I made my first attempt at feather (if you can call it that but that was totally my intention) on the mitered border.

…the quilt I realized too late was upside down in this picture.
A close up of the quilting…it’s easier to see from the back

I used a variegated orange Aurifil thread for the quilting can’t remember the number now but it’s from the Tula Pink collection.

Another close up of the front.

For the binding I went with the lighter blue and because I have recently fallen in love with machine binding using decorative stitches I went with burnt orange thread for the binding with my stitch length set to 3.


Chevron Quilt

There’s been a couple of posts about this one and you can find the latest here.  I already decided on the backing fabric for this quilt before I even finalized where I was heading with it, simply a match made in quilty heaven 🙂


Don’t look too hard else you will see all the wrinkles from the terrible basting but none of that matters because all I see is gorgeous Marilyn Monroe…you can’t go wrong with that!


For the binding the floral print that I initially considered for a border came in handy and it works better here than in the border.

Finally, I will work on those other photos and share accordingly as this post has turned out longer than anticipated…blame it on the excitement! Anyway, I have enjoyed sharing every process of completing these quilts and I really appreciate all your wonderful inputs and encouraging comments so cheers to y’all! What have you been up to or recently completed…I want to read all about them in your comments. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your week. It’s my last week at work before my relocation all things being equal so yay!

Sola 🙂

11 Replies to “It’s a wrap!…recent finishes (part 1)”

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  2. Congratulations on all your beautiful completed quilts! It was fun to see several of them from their beginnings to their completions. I love the photography in the park, great idea! Nautical is one of my favorites!

    1. Oh thanks a lot Tierney. I love Nautical too and now that I’m relocating I’ll need to find another location to photograph my Quilts. It was wonderful seeing all these Quilts come together and being able to share that process!

  3. Yours is the first blog I have seen decorative stitching binding. Now that is thinking outside the box! I really like that! Your quilts are wonderful and so unique. Congrats on all the finishes!

    1. Oh wow Janice, thanks a lot for your lovely comment. I have a quilting process series that’s on going and I shall be sharing more about that binding when I get to that stage 🙂

  4. For someone who’s not motivated you have accomplished so much recently. I love the Quilt As You Go quilt, but I love stars. I also really like the lighter blue fabric you used for the binding on the Nautical quilt, I think that was a great design choice.

  5. I LOVE the Nautical quilt! Such great balance of color and value — the yellow certainly doesn’t seem as if it’s natural to the composition, and yet it completely is. Also wow what fun to have MARILYN! 🙂 Good work, Sola. You have done some really good things this year.

    1. Yayyyy thanks Melanie. I’m amazed with how the Nautical quilt turned out, I would have never thought to use those colors together but it worked! The yellow with the dark is more of my color palette. I just love the Marilyn fabric so much that I made a bedsheet for my bed out of it! I do love this style of quilts so that means you’ll be hearing more from me in the coming year with reference to your latest post on medallion quilts ?. Thanks a lot and you are right I sure should be proud of what I’ve achieved this year.

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