It’s a wrap…First Finished Quilt of 2017

Hello Friends.

Thank you so much for all your warm birthday wishes and for making my day very special!

Unfortunately, I keep getting disappointments regarding the delivery of my sewing table. At this point, I have resigned myself to patiently waiting for the delivery whenever it comes through. Consequently, I am not getting a lot of sewing done as my stop-gap setup is not the most convenient and piecing or small quilting is all I can do.

Anyway, I completed the Wonky Log Cabin Baby Quilt a while back like I mentioned in previous posts  Order Tastylia Oral Strip here and  cheap priligy here. Over the weekend I made an attempt to photograph it. Now I can finally reveal the finished Quilt, I have to say I absolutely love this one, probably because I enjoyed the process of making it so much 🙂

Baby Quilt

Baby Quilt Back

The back was inspired by Carole’s book on improvisation piecing since I had left over pieces from the front and this painter art fabric from another project.

I’m not sure if I’ll be keeping this or giving it to a friend yet but I’m glad to have a completed quilt to show for the past 2 months.

Saturday the 11th is almost here for the reveal of my mini quilt for the Jen and Jan’s Mini Quilt Blog Hop. First, I have to baste and quilt the 2nd part of the project and write the post so help me God.

Thanks for stopping by as always and do have an amazing week ahead.

Sola 🙂

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