Current Work in Progress: To stop or to go on?

Hi guys!

Remember what I said about relocating and how I am struggling to pack my stuffs? I decided I could squeeze out time to make some blocks or minis out of my huge scrap stash (should be easier to handle that way). Yesterday, I rummaged through my scrap basket/box and pulled out some coordinating fabrics and I plan to make as many things as I can until I exhaust them. Anyway, after my previous failed attempt at slashing and stitching, I wanted to give it another try with a mini in mind. I started out with 15″ square in some left over gray fabric because I tried black the last time. 1-4 inch foot (4)

Current Work in Progress

This is what I have so far but the idea was to either slash it in the other diagonal or slash vertically, I am however afraid I might damage it and end up with something like before.




The question now is should I just stop with what I have or should I take the risk and slash further and if yes, in what direction? A part of me is telling me my accuracy has improved since this last piece and I want to find out which way this would end up if I take the risk. On the hand is the thought that I won’t be happy if I take the risk and end up ruining this piece especially when as I type this post I am getting another idea of including borders to the original piece to see where that goes. Oh I also feel like my solid strips if I go ahead should be thinner say about 1-1.5″. So what do you reckon, to stop or to continue?

I’ll confess I’ve been doing less packing and more sewing but I do have to get back to packing so I’ll let this “percolate” (…I really like this word, thanks Amanda) while I wait for your suggestions and the next available sewing slot…sometimes today or tomorrow 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to reading your suggestions, in the mean time it’s time to clean out my closet and I truly hope that’s what I will be doing for the next few hours…No digressions allowed unless a sewing break becomes necessary in between!

Sola 🙂


6 Replies to “Current Work in Progress: To stop or to go on?”

  1. I think those little ‘twists’ will quilt out, It’s great! I like the last idea, but will be wonderful either way you decide. What if the strips were different widths?

    1. You think so? I should give quilting it a go then ?. Yes the strips will be different width for sure. Thanks for your comment.

  2. I have to say that I really like your top quilt, even with its little twists. As to your next project, I’d go with the diagonal cut. That quilt looks fun too! Hope your move goes smoothly!

    1. Thanks a lot Wendy! It’s in the UFO pile for now but just for fun I might actually quilt it someday! I planned to have the diagonal cut too if I can stop second guessing myself for a minute ?. I’ll let you know how the move goes of course… Thanks.

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