Every Little Thing Counts…Part 1

http://tomtwomeyseries.org/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://tomtwomeyseries.org/long-island-collection-hurricane-1938/thumbnail/ Good Day Friends,

Did you have a great weekend? I had an interesting one and here’s why…

Have you ever gone to bed full of energy, plans and can’t wait to get started the next morning? …That was me Thursday night after making a sampler block for this pattern i’m working on! 😀 Continue reading “Every Little Thing Counts…Part 1”

#QuiltinginNigeria Series: Quilt, Quilting…what?

When someone asks me what I do, I reply I work as a Computer Analyst in the Civil Service and I Quilt then wait for what’s coming next or not…hehehehe. On some occasions depending on if I was talking face to face or chatting, I have to follow up with a picture of what I mean by a Quilt and get responses like oh you make duvets or oh you do patchwork…huh? You are probably wondering…are they wrong? well not entirely but there’s more to a Quilt than being just a form of bedding (find out more as we go along) and you could say patchwork is one layer of the Quilt. Continue reading “#QuiltinginNigeria Series: Quilt, Quilting…what?”

No Resolutions…Only Committments

Happy new year Dearests,

I wish you an amazing year filled with nothing but beautiful things!

It’s already 8 days into the new year and though I haven’t done any sewing, i’m excited about the Commissioned work already lined up so far.

I’m still reflecting on 2015 and like previous years before it, there were resolutions left underachieved, goals not met but you know what…it’s absolutely OK! 2016 is a brand new opportunity to get back on track towards achieving those goals. This year, I’m not even making any cliche list of resolutions. All I want is to be my best self in everything, to push harder, work harder, and make every effort to achieve more in all I set out to do. Continue reading “No Resolutions…Only Committments”

I need a new PLAYMATE!

I’m not even going to lie, I’ve probably been on the hunt for a sewing machine for over a year now… I know right! My current Machine which I’ve had for over 3 years has been surprisingly useful but it’s breaking down more often now and I don’t have a choice but to get a replacement/ supplementary one. At the time I got my sewing machine, I just wanted to indulge my passion for sewing and fashion design…how’d I get into quilting? well that’s story for another day.  My point is I got a machine that was fit for purpose at the time and now that I’m all about quilting…it’s no longer as fit for purpose.

Meanwhile, I have a couple of potentials that seem achievable within my budget (hmm not exactly within my budget… there has to be something left over for fabrics right!). Continue reading “I need a new PLAYMATE!”

Hitting the breaking point? – The struggle for a focused mind

A normal working day for me starts around 7 am (I have 2 alarms before that…snoozing is a part of life!) and ends anytime between 12 am -3 am (I swear I’m not insomniac – I just don’t tend to sleep early… 🙂 and yes I’m one of those people that sleeps with my PC, tablet and phone right where I can reach them)

Right now I’m palpitating, frustrated because here we go again! I’m not having a panic attack am I? I’ve been at my desk at work for a couple of hours now and in that time I’ve done and thought about everything and nothing! Continue reading “Hitting the breaking point? – The struggle for a focused mind”