A trip to the Park – Part 2

In Part 1 of this post, I shared about my trip to the Millennium Park with my photographer colleague who did a generous work of photographing my recently finished quilts and how we took too many photos to share in one post so here are the rest of them. I love making mini quilts (about 18″) they’ve been the perfect way for me to develop my quilting skills, I make 18″ minis to practice new techniques, try out new blocks and as practice piece for my free motion or straight quilting. I usually end up making most into throw pillows so when a friend contacted me to make some for her mum, I excitedly agreed.

I spoke to her mum to discuss colors and she said to use my discretion (this is what I love to hear -what does my discretion mean though? perhaps in another post). She described her space and I figured I’ll settle for a gray background and just add various colors to that. I found this variegated gray fabric that works perfectly (I think I am obsessed with variegated fabrics by the way). I couldn’t decide on a color palette but worked from what I had in my stash. I shared my progress with her and she has decided she will like me to include some with black background, coffee brown and touch of yellow so I have more minis to make when I finish my current project. In the meantime, here’s what I’ve made so far 🙂









In other news, I’m currently working on my block for the Cloud 9 Blog Hop and wow…writing a pattern and a tutorial is major work! I am about doing my second test block as my measurement was wayyyy off the first attempt and I missed a lot of steps in the instruction. Much kudos to pattern writers and people that post tutorials!!! I’m happy I signed up for the blog hop though, it is challenging me on so many levels and who doesn’t like a challenge :).

As always, thanks for stopping by and I’ll love to hear your thoughts on writing a tutorial post. For my block there are irregular shapes like diamonds to cut out, would it be better to include templates or will instruction on cutting suffice? I also found useful links to a clear instructions on cutting irregular shapes, is it OK to include that instead? Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your week.

Sola 🙂

14 thoughts on “A trip to the Park – Part 2

  1. This post made my day. I love the whimsy of all the pillows playing on the playground equipment. Those pillows all look wonderful.

  2. I loved seeing your pillows out playing in the park. As far as the pattern writing, I can’t give you any advice, as I rarely use patterns. It sounds like lots of us are getting good tutorial writing experience!

    • Thanks Marla ?. That is exactly the problem for me…the fact that I rarely use patterns. I figure out my way to do stuffs and I always find a way to iron out the kinks. Putting that down step by step is the challenge but I’m on my 3rd test block as of now and I think I’m almost there ?

  3. Good luck on your writing the pattern tutorial, I have never attempted that. The photos of the pillows are so wonderful and fun in the park setting! I hope the pillows had a good time on their day out! 🙂

    • Thanks Tierney I’m sure they had a good time ? I’m hanging in there with the pattern tutorial but I have a backup which is more straightforward if all else fails.

  4. jennyfur66

    Love all the pretty pillows and the photographs are perfect as are the settings. I’m with you on the Cloud 9 blog hop. I thought I had my block all figure out, but not so sure now.

    • Thanks a lot Jennifer. I’m on my third block (I keep changing my mind!) and this has to be it cos I need to get it over and done with so I can send out my block ASAP

  5. Love the colors and the fun setting. Those pillows look nice and snuggly!

  6. Pillows are perfection: quilting, fabric choices and photography. Nicely done!

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