A Box full of Junk

I am still on my annual leave and no, I didn’t travel anywhere fancy but I did travel to go be with my husband who works in another city which is just what I needed.  Usually when I travel, I don’t go with plans to do any active sewing as I travel without my machine but I always have a bag of English paper piecing (EPP) kit to go.  I have now relocated my spare machine to be permanently here, however, I still planned to do more English Paper Piecing and I found this old grid paper…a memorial from beginner’s class. I had made a mistake on this particular one so I tossed it aside, that’s all I have left of this isometric grid paper that I have looked everywhere online for as I recently discovered another use for it.(I’ll be sharing that in another post)image_3


The other day I was cleaning out the wardrobe and guess what I found? A box filled with left over invitation cards from our wedding over a year ago, apparently my husband didn’t give out some of the cards and they were packed away somewhere  at the back of the wardrobe. Anyway, I now have this box full of scrap and usually the only option should be throwing them out but being the “scrap junky” that I am (I really am, I almost save scraps of everything!), that wasn’t an option. I examined the cards measuring about 4 x 5” and realized they’ll be perfect for cutting out templates for my EPP projects, there’s no way I was throwing them away now so I kept them.



I am currently working on an EPP piece and have used a couple of my new find for that – they are great for this purpose.  They are sturdier than old newspapers which is what I normally use to prepare my pieces and not as hard as old cereal boxes that I use for templates but they work either way.  I can probably get 5” Dresden templates cut out of them and oh some smaller applique pieces too…I’ll tinker around until I get as many uses as I can out of them.


I already used part of the card as template for this work in progress

Morale of the story…there’s always an opportunity in every missed opportunity and when life gives you a box full of paper junks, make Quilting templates out of them. Note of warning (to self!) though as long as you don’t end up making more mess or creating more junks, keep only what is useful and feel free to thrash what is not. I am gradually nearing a thorough “cleaning out the closet” session of my quilting space – that should be fun!

Thanks for stopping by and I always love to read your comments. Do you English Paper Piece and if you do, do you buy pre-packaged templates or make yours? I should share how I make mine in another post soonest. Enjoy the rest of your week.

Sola 🙂



14 thoughts on “A Box full of Junk”

  1. I have tried EPP during a quilt guild meeting, so just a sample. I haven’t started a full project of it yet. I can’t decide if I want to or not! Don’t you love finding something that re-purposes in such a timely way — those invites are perfect for EPP! Enjoy!

  2. I do a lot of EPP, and cut all my original templates by hand. It was a LOT of work, but you know, I’ve used the same templates at least 10 times. I’m very careful when I remove the basting and take the templates out, and while some of the points are getting a bit soft now, they still do a fine job. I have a whole drawer in one of my small storage units full of stacks of templates, ready for the next hexie quilt. Card cereal packets and other food cartons, old manilla folders and the squares of card you get inside folded fat quarters are also a good source of the right card weight, once your wedding invitations have run out!

    1. Thanks Kate 😀 I’ve been making my templates too and it’s not as stressful to make the way I do it, I think I’ll just go ahead and share that to see if it might help someone. I don’t normally reuse though, the old newspapers I use aren’t reusable too soft but the wedding invites should be better. Yes there are lots of options when this card run out!

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